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Second Year Report

Second-year Report

A short assessment at the end of the student’s second year has the objectives of ensuring that you are continuing to progress appropriately and that you have the best opportunity to complete your studies within the three-year timetable.

Format of second-year assessment report

We believe that it is imperative that this assessment takes up as little time as possible for both you and your supervisor.  We therefore ask that students produce a report, at the end of their second year, of no more than 3-4 sides of A4 paper listing in concise (possibly note) form their major achievements in their first two years of work. They should then move on to consider those experiments that they still have to complete.  This consideration should include a timetable of how completion will be achieved, and an outline plan (chapter headings and rough contents) of the thesis.

Assessment of the report

This short paper will be assessed by your supervisor, and one other person (often the advisor) in a meeting with yourself to allow you to be as sure as possible of completion. A short report will be sent by the assessors to the Graduate Office.