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DTP Summer Research Experience Placements

Call for BBSRC Summer Research Experience Placements 2019

Deadline: Monday 1st April 2019

The BBSRC DTP are very pleased to announce that they are now open for application for Summer Research Experience placements.


All applications must be made by the supervisor and provide information relating to the student who they wish to offer the placement to. Please find application form attached, this must be returned by Monday 1st April to

All placements must take place in one block of a maximum of 10 weeks duration during the long summer vacation.

 Research projects must:

  • have a clearly defined objective
  • be within the remit of BBSRC and relate to a relevant strategic area
  • be suitable for a student to sensibly complete within the timescale of the award
  • not be part of the normal degree course or propose that the student under takes the research outside of the UK
  • give scope for thought and initiative on the part of the student and should not use the student as a general assistant

Stipends and consumable budget

Due to a change in regulations surrounding REPS we only have funds for up to 10 placements this year. All students will receive the national living wage for a 36.5 hour week for a placement up to 10 weeks. All payments will be made through payroll.

Due to the increased cost of stipends we won’t be able to offer any consumables budget for these projects.

Post placement reporting

After the REP the supervisor and student must complete the BBSRC Rep Reporting form and submit this to the BBSRC. A copy of this form is attached to this email for reference.

Award date

All applications will be considered at the BBSRC DTP Research Committee meeting in early April and all supervisors and students will be notified of the outcome of their applications soon after.