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VetMB Research Projects

VetMB Research Projects 2017-2019

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This is the link to use for submitting information to the Department's Ethics & Welfare Committee:


Scope of the committee:

The main role of the committee is to review the ethics of research applications where:

•             the research carried out is part of recognised veterinary practice (defined as ‘procedures and techniques performed on animals by veterinary surgeons in the course of their clinical activities)

•             the research involves animals that are clinical cases of the Department’s clinical services (including flocks, herds and other groups of animals for health screening purposes)

•             the research, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon having responsibility for the case (having consulted with senior clinical colleagues), falls outside the terms of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

From time to time we the Committee may receive applications for ethical review which involves human clinical research, for example, student projects that involve surveys / questionnaires.  Review of these types of applications are at the discretion of the panel, but will be referred to alternative committees in the University for more expert review if deemed appropriate.