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Useful information and contacts

Some survival tips from this year's graduates:

  • "Make the most of rotations - ask all the stupid questions, get people to show you how to do things"
  • "Although the pre-clinical years can often be frustrating and seem "pointless", when you get to the clinical years, you can really see the value of having a solid foundation in scientific knowledge. Going back to "first principles" and what you understand about basic biology is often very useful when thinking through clinical cases."
  • "Sport (or another hobby) is the best way to relax when stressed, especially in exam term. If you feel you're too stressed and don't have time to do exercise that's often the time when it will benefit you most and make you more productive afterwards"
  • "Write notes as you go along in 5th year, then revise them before rotations. And buy some comfy shoes for final year!"
  • "The Clinical Skills Centre is great - use is as much as possible!"
  • "Don't be afraid to start final year rotations - they are the best, most rewarding part of the degree, and you finally get to put all the knowledge and skills you learnt during the other years together and start to develop into a real clinician." 


University Counselling Service - information for students:

Occupational Health Service: 

 CUSU Student Advice Service:

Mindfulness resources:


VetLife provide a 24/7 phone and email helpline; professional mental health support; financial assistance; information and resources which is free for all vet students and veterinary professionals.