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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


I am a PhD student with Prof Tiley at the Department of Veterinary Medicine as Cambridge Trust scholar. I was graduated at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University in 2014. In 2015, I started working as a demonstrator in the department of Virology in my home faculty. After 5 years of working on vaccines and modern techniques of viral detection, in 2020, I was awarded master’s degree in Virology. From 2020 to 2023, I was working as an assistant lecturer in Cairo University, and have been participating in projects concerning COVID-19 and influenza diagnosis in points of care, as well as vaccine development.


My PhD focuses on identification of novel influenza viruses’ antigens that can be considered potential candidates for broader influenza vaccines development to protect against several strains or subtypes of influenza. Personally, additionally to vaccines, I am interested also in modern molecular techniques of diagnosis that can be used also in microbiome studies, such as Nanopore Sequencing


Key publications: 
  1. Ahmed, B. M., Bayoumi, M. M., Farrag, M. A., Elgamal, M. A., Daly, J. M., & Amer, H. M. (2022). Emergence of equine influenza virus H3Nx Florida clade 2 in Arabian racehorses in Egypt. Virology journal, 19(1), 185.
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  6. El-Jakee, J. K., Moussa, I. M., Omran, M. S., Ahmed, B. M., Elgamal, M. A., Hemeg, H. A., Mubarak, A. S., Al-Maary, K. S., Kabli, S. A., Marouf, S. A., & Haji Alhaaji, J. (2020). A novel bivalent Pasteurellosis-RHD vaccine candidate adjuvanted with Montanide ISA70 protects rabbits from lethal challenge. Saudi journal of biological sciences, 27(3), 996–1001.


Postgraduate Student

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Molecular Virology
Innate Immunity
Nanopore Sequencing