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I received a First Class BSc in Pharmacology and Molecular Genetics from King’s College London in 2020. My research thesis focused on improving our understanding of gene regulation mechanisms in stem cells. I am currently an MPhil student at the Bacterial Infection Group, University of Cambridge. My MPhil project focuses on expressing protective antigens from commensal Neisseria bacteria in outer membrane vesicles and use them as vaccine candidates to provide broad-coverage against Neisseria meningitidis and the first vaccine to protect against Neisseria gonorrhoeae. After the completion of my MPhil I will continue working on the Neisseria project as a Research Technician.




I am interested in understanding the interactions between our immune system and pathogens during an infection, how the behaviour of bacteria within the host tissues can affect the efficacy of treatments and how vaccines can be used as tools in preventing disease.

In the future I would like to combine molecular genetics with immunology and investigate not only how the immune system responds to infectious diseases but also how autoimmunity develops in the human body.

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