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JCTS Equine Studies 


The Junior Clinical Training Scholarship in equine provides an opportunity for new graduates/recently qualified veterinarians to obtain high-quality, post-graduate training in equine studies in the hospital and ambulatory practice. The emphasis of this programme will be on gaining practical clinical experience in equine medicine and surgery, and will allow the JCTS to identify specific fields in which to specialise, either in preparation for Senior Clinical Scholarship training programmes, or specialist private practice. 

 Programme Duration

12 months, subject to satisfactory completion of the initial 3-month monitoring period.

Summary of programme

The programme will start with a short induction period to explain details of Hospital clinical working practices and policy, including briefing on when to seek assistance and from whom.
Each day case or hospitalised animal will be assigned to a JCTS who will be responsible for the clinical examination and all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under close supervision and guidance of a senior clinical member of staff. Exposure to medicine, orthopaedics, surgery, diagnostic imaging, anaesthesia, neurology and pathology form important components of the training programme.
The JCTS will be expected to take part in daily case rounds discussing hospitalised and ambulatory cases, to attend formal seminars and to take part in clinical rounds/journal clubs in the appropriate disciplines, and participate in the hospital out of hours rota. In the final four months of the programme the JCTSs will have increasing responsibility in the ambulatory practice, being responsible for their own cases and becoming incorporated within the ambulatory emergency rota.