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MPhil: Submission

MPhil: Submission of Thesis

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Submission Deadlines


For Oct 2018 Starters: 30/08/2019 by 12pm

For Jan 2019 Starters: 06/12/2019  by 12pm

For Apr 2019 Starters: 13/03/2020 by 12pm


PLEASE NOTE: Your thesis can only be hand-delivered during office hours - You are required to submit 2 copies of your soft-bound MPhil dissertation directly to the Degree Committee Office (address below) no later than midday on the last weekday before the above dates.  You are asked to include a ‘certificate of submission’ form which is a signed declaration of word length, title, and contact details.

Appointment of Examiners

About two months before you are due to submit your MPhil dissertation for examination, you will need to apply for the appointment of examiners.   Please download the appropriate Intention to Submit form from here and submit it together with a copy of your dissertation summary to the Degree Committee office, following the instructions on the form.   The Degree Committee will then set in motion the process of appointment by asking your Head of Department to make nominations; he or she may consult your supervisor at this point. The summary is used to inform the Head of Department and potential examiners about the content of your work. .  This summary is essentially for advising the Degree Committee on the appointment of appropriate examiners and for potential examiners to assess whether they are suitable to examine your thesis. 

Format of Dissertation

The maximum report length is 20,000 words excluding appendices, figure legends and references. Note that no more than minor corrections and no re-submission of MPhil theses is allowed so you must get this thesis right the first time. 

How do I present my thesis?

You must submit two typed copies of the thesis in durable binding with your name clearly marked on the front cover.  These should be submitted to: Higher Degrees Office, School of Clinical Medicine, Box 111, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge CB2 0SP.

Secured inside the thesis there must be:

  • a title page containing:
    • the thesis title
    • your name as it appears on your passport 
    • your College
    • the Date (optional)
    • a Declaration stating: This dissertation is submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy.
    • a declaration page in the Preface stating: This dissertation is the result of my own work and includes nothing which is the outcome of work done in collaboration except where specifically indicated in the text.
    • Where appropriate, a Statement of Length stating that the thesis does not exceed the word limit for the respective Degree Committee.

Unconnected or unrelated work which has previously been published can be submitted along with the thesis - and may be considered by the examiners at their discretion.

Where do I present my thesis?

Note: Deliver only during Office hours - take care to note when office will be closed during holiday periods
Degree Committee of the Faculties of Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
Higher Degrees Office
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Level 4, Room 418
Box 111 Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The rules governing the final examination of MPhil students form part of University Statutes, (, and these examinations are administered by the Board of Graduate Studies and the Degree Committee of the Faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.  Go to for further information.