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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


After graduating from medical school, I started my PhD in tropical medicine with the aim of contributing to the development of new and effective diagnostic tools and antiparasitic treatments. Besides research, by being involved with teaching epidemiology and conducting field work in developing countries I widen my horizon towards the global health aspect of neglected tropical diseases.


Currently, I investigate the reciprocate host (microbiota)-parasite interaction of the human helminths; Schistosoma mansoni and Trichuris trichiura. In particular, my research focuses on the egg stage of these parasites and their ability to shape the microbial composition of the human gut, as well as the impact of the host microbial makeup on the parasite eggs. During this work I am supervised by Cinzia Cantacessi (Department of Veterinary Medicine) and Maria Duque-Correa (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute).


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Tropical medicine
Neglected tropical diseases
Host-parasite interaction
Helminth infection