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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School


My ever-inquisitive nature led me to explore several aspects of medical research whilst studying in medical school. Most importantly, I have developed a passion for parasitology at the Pasteur Institute,and for infectious diseases in Boston. Carrying out a PhD in Cinzia Cantacessi’s research team provides me with tremendous opportunitiesto further develop my research skills, expand my knowledge, and get involved in field studies to gain further insightsintohealth careinneglected disease-endemic areas.


I am most inspired by being able to contribute to the development of new and effective diagnostic tools and antiparasitic treatments, by deciphering parasitefundamental and host-parasite interactions. In particular, I am extremely fascinated by the contribution of the host microbiome to such interactions,and I will be dissecting mechanisms underpinning this contribution further during my PhD.

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Tropical medicine
Neglected tropical diseases
Host-parasite interaction