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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School
Read more at: Professor James Wood OBE

Professor James Wood OBE

Infection dynamics and control of diseases.

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Dr Caroline Trotter

Infectious disease epidemiology and the impact of immunisation

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Professor Clare Bryant

Host recognition of infection

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Dr Lucy Weinert

The ecology and genomics of bacterial pathogens

I am an evolutionary biologist whose major research goal is to understand why and how bacteria become pathogens. Identifying common features of pathogen emergence - whether they be repeated genomic changes or shared epidemiological contexts - would give us predictive power. This might allow us to forecast pathogen emergence, to develop preventative strategies, or improve treatments.

My main areas of focus are:

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Dr Andrew Conlan

Transmission and Persistence of Infectious Diseases

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Dr Barbara Blacklaws

Pathogenesis and immunity to viral infections

Read more at: Professor AW (Dan) Tucker

Professor AW (Dan) Tucker

Veterinary microbiology and zoonoses; clinical management of pig health and disease