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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

We study the mechanisms of pathogenesis caused by many bacteria, viruses and parasites, with genomic science playing a key role in understanding pathogen biology. In order to understand how pathogens cause disease it is critical to determine how host immunity (including both the innate and acquired arms of the immune system) resists infections and this is central to much of our research in infection and immunity.


Postgraduate student -
Postgraduate student
PhD Biological Sciences Student (BBSRC)
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology
Dr Sebastian  Bruchmann
Research Associate
Professor of Innate Immunity
Wellcome Trust Investigator
Dr Raymond  Bujdoso
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Immunology
Dr Cinzia   Cantacessi
Professor of Parasite Infection Biology
Dr George William Carnell
Research Associate
Dr Andrew James Kerr Conlan
Senior University Lecturer in Epidemiology
University Pathologist
Dr Arijit Kumar  Das
Research associate
Senior Lecturer in Bacterial Pathogenesis
Everitt Butterfield Fellow in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Professor Jonathan Luke Heeney
Professor of Comparative Pathology
Head of the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ)
Professor of Microbial Genomics and Veterinary Science
Associate Dean for Research
Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Postgraduate student
Postgraduate Student
Dr Arianna   Marini
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Dr Piero Mastroeni group
Dr Piero  Mastroeni
Professor of Infection and Immunity
 Marta  Matuszewska
Research associate
Dr Elizabeth  Murchison
Professor of Comparative Oncology and Genetics
Director of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance, Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS)
Secretary – Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance
 Phil  Palmer
Graduate Student: Supervisor Professor Jonathan Heeney
Research Associate
Postgraduate student
Dr Olivier  Restif
Alborada Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology
Director of Studies (NST Biology) at Robinson College
Research Associate in the Transmissible Cancer Group
 Samuel  Stubbs
Research Associate in Arboviral Sequencing
Dr Alana  Thackray
Senior Research Associate in Molecular Pathology
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology
Dr Panagiotis  Tourlomousis
Postdoctoral Researcher
Professor of Veterinary Public Health
Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine and Preclinical Medicine, Pembroke College, Cambridge.
Advisor for Global Health Assurance, Genus PIC.
Dr Andries  van Tonder
Research Associate
Principal Investigator
Royal Society and Wellcome Trust Henry Dale Fellow
Veterinary Surgeon in Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance, Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS)
Dr Tim  Williams
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology
Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine (Fitzwilliam College)
Postgraduate student -
Postgraduate student -