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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Pathogenesis and immunity to viral infections

I have a long term interest in the immune response to persistent viral infections. Presently we are studying the pathogenesis of gastrointestinal viruses using murine norovirus as a model virus.  This can establish both acute and persistent infections.  It may also spread from the gut to cause a systemic infection that can lead to pathology in different organ systems.  As such it is both a good model system for studying gastrointestinal immunity and mechanisms of viral persistence.  We are investigating the role of different cell types and factors in the gut that protect from infection as well as properties of the virus itself that affect its pathogenesis. 

Previously I have worked with visna maedi virus, a lentiviral infection of sheep. This is a model lentiviral infection with a strict tropism for macrophages and dendritic cells and as such allows the study of viral control mechanisms in the absence of immune deficiencies as is seen with HIV.

A common theme of my work is infection of dendritic cells and macrophages and how these infections alter the biology of these important immune cell types.  This includes studies with Salmonella enterica as well as the virus infections above.

Recent work has moved into metagenomic sequencing to identify viruses, and study the microbiome (which links to gastrointestinal viruses).  We are also currently using metagenomic sequencing of non-invasive samples in conservation studies of Juan Fernandez Fur seals to derive information on the microbiome, diet and population genetic structure.


I received my BSc (Hon) in Biochemistry from University of Aberdeen, then did a PhD in Virology at University of Cambridge.  I undertook post-doctoral positions in University of Cambridge and Edinburgh before coming to University of Cambridge as a University Fellow then lecturer.


Immunopathogenesis of persistent viral and bacterial diseases

Cancer immunoregulation

Chronic immune mediated disease


Key publications: 

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Other publications: 

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Veterinary Virology

Immune response to viruses

Biology of disease

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Constanza Toro-Valdivieso

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology

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Host-Pathogen Interaction
Dendritic cells
Emerging viral diseases
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