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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

The Department of Veterinary Medicine is pioneering a new approach to its cellular analysis research facilities provision, based on providing complimentary techniques suited to cellular analysis, along-side hands-on, dedicated expertise, rather than a suite of standalone instruments. I lead the cellular imaging and analysis research facilities, bringing help and expertise in fluorescence imaging techniques, including microscopy, imaging flow cytometry and conventional cytometry to the department, in the form of training and support for the use of facility equipment, full service and project runs and consultancy on quantitative imaging and flow cytometry projects and data analysis.

This relatively new and alternative approach is borne from the experience of researchers, understanding the complexity of modern advances in imaging techniques and instrumentation. Alongside the benefit and sometimes necessity of utilizing advanced complimentary techniques in parallel, in order to achieve the most accurate and insightful data.

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I am especially passionate about the use of imaging techniques for quantitative deep profiling of cells and internal cellular processes, to advance our understanding of cellular mechanisms in health and disease, and for the development of novel therapeutics. My own research interests include investigating how nano and sub-micron sized particles influence cellular immune responses, utilizing conventional and imaging flow cytometry as key techniques.



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