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Travel expenses (University Teaching Officers - academic staff)

Charles Slater Fund and University Foreign Travel Fund

The University Travelling Expenses Fund has been rescinded with effect from 30 June 2013.

Charles Slater Fund

Members of academic staff who were formerly eligible to apply to the fund are advised to consider applying instead to the Charles Slater Fund, which is co-managed by the School of the Biological Sciences. The guidance for the Slater Fund reads:

‘The Managers will consider applications for grants from the Fund for the furtherance of teaching and research in medical science once a year. The Managers may make grants to University officers or other persons, currently working in the University of Cambridge, or who will be working in the University of Cambridge, preference being given to graduates in medicine, towards the expenses of research, or of travel in connection with research, or of travel undertaken to study methods of teaching, in Medicine or in any science ancillary to Medicine. Regulations for the Fund are published in Ordinances, 2012, page 938.

The Managers intend to use the fund mainly to make awards for travel by University officers. The Managers will not, in general, favour applications for equipment for research, although they will consider applications for small pieces of equipment to initiate some piece of research (the attention of potential applicants for equipment, etc., within the Faculties of Biology and Clinical Medicine is drawn to the Marmaduke Sheild Fund) [some detail omitted].

The annual total of awards will be about £50,000.

Applications should be submitted on an annual basis to the School office no later than 7th May, on the application form [available on the School website at link below). Only the completed form will be considered by the Managers, and all forms must be countersigned by the Head of the (University) Department indicating his or her support for the application (you are advised to check your Department's internal deadline for their receipt of applications).’

The link to the application form is at:

Meg Staff will circulate a call for applications to the Slater Fund in early 2014 and will advice on the procedure to be followed and internal deadline for the receipt of applications.

Foreign Travel Fund

The Foreign Travel Fund is for resident members of the Senate (normally, but not exclusively, the following categories of staff: Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers, Professors, Assistant Directors of Research, Senior Assistants in Research) aged at least 50 years who wish to travel abroad, with a view of extending their knowledge in any branch of learning with which their teaching or research is concerned.

Please read the guidelines at the link below before applying. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility, please speak with Judith Drinkwater in the first instance.