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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Veterinary School

Guidance and Procedure for Visitors to the Department

You must complete a visitor form for any person visiting the Department for more than one whole day, for any reason. The Head of Department maintains a register of visitor forms for insurance and immigration purposes.  Any person coming to the Department for a shorter period (e.g. for a meeting) should sign in at reception. 

We need to receive notification of a visitor a minimum of two weeks before the person arrives in the Department for standard visitors who require no additional paperwork, e.g. visa support letters etc.  Much longer is required for international visitors who may need additional letters of support or Certificates of Sponsorship arranged, and please note that currently there are long delays with ATAS and visa approvals.

International Visitors important information:

Language: Visiting International students should provide evidence of suitable English language ability equivalent to the requirements asked of incoming postgraduate students:  See here:  Approval may be requested for students narrowly missing these requirements if the host is satisfied they have had very effective prior written and verbal exchanges.

ATAS approval: Visiting students and researchers from certain countries need to obtain an ATAS certificate before beginning any relevant research activity in the UK.  More information here: - please note ATAS approvals do take time.

Note on standard Visa route: please note that International visitors (including EU visitors) coming to undertake work experience/externships are not permitted to do this on the standard visitor route, but will need to apply for a Governement Authorised Exchange (GAE) Visa which will take some time to arrange.   If the purpose of the visit is to do a short piece of research or an elective, then the terms 'work experience' or 'externship' should not appear in any paperwork.    

1.      Download the appropriate application form from here:

2.      Send the completed application and all relevant documents to: (this goes to Fiona Roby and the Business and Operations Manager).

3.      Remember to attach the following documents:

  • Photo of the visitor
  • Copy of personal details page of passport
  • CV
  • Description of activities to be carried out during the visit
  • MRCVS registration number if applicable
  • Language certificate where appropriate, with supporting information.

The application form will then go to the Head of Department or Senior Administrator for approval and the details of the visitor will be registered on the Visitor database.

Who to ask
Fiona Roby will be pleased to answer any queries.